Dr. Anthony Mongillo

“I love being an orthodontist because I have a front-row seat to witness some of the greatest changes an individual will experience in their lifetime…and I’m not just talking about their smile. It’s amazing to see these kids grow physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout their time in treatment. I feel honored to be a small part of that.”

Dr. Mongillo earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine at Nova Southeastern University. He graduated with honors in orthodontics and was inducted into the OKU Honor’s Society for exemplifying scholarship, advancing the ethical standards of the dental profession, and for serving as an example among peers.  He then continued his studies at Saint Louis University where he specialized in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. During his time there, he received awards for service and for excellence in the Edgewise Technique. By his final year was a national finalist for the Gotlieb JCO Student of the Year Award. Dr. Mongillo also received his Master’s in Science for his research on tooth proportions resulting in ideal occlusion.

Dr. Mongillo is committed to advancing dental ethical standards and serving as an example among peers by engaging in professional organizations such as the American Dental Associations, American Association of Orthodontists, Idaho State Dental Association, Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, and the Idaho State Orthodontic Society among others. He has served, or is currently serving, as the Idaho State Orthodontic Society Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President.

He continues to stay up to date on the latest advances in orthodontics by participating in continuing education courses each year. He enjoys learning about the newest in digital technology and clear aligner orthodontics, such as Invisalign. Another way that Dr. Mongillo is different from other orthodontists is that he has two years of experience practicing general dentistry before he became an orthodontist.

When Dr. Mongillo is not straightening teeth, you can find him coaching his sons’ sports team, chasing his daughter around a playground, or on a walk with his wife (who grew up near Twin Falls). One of his favorite things is running into patients or parents out in public—if you do, please say hi and he’ll introduce you to the fam!

Before moving to Idaho, Dr. Mongillo lived in many other places including Florida, Switzerland, Utah, Korea, and Missouri. He would love to talk about your travel and culinary experiences! Little known facts: Dr. Mongillo played rugby at Brigham Young University, went running with the bulls in Spain, and speaks French and Korean. He learned to be meticulous from a young age by building model airplanes (his first solo build was at age 6).  Dr. Mongillo is a great listener (even if he’s losing his hearing), a terrible singer, and never judgmental. For those who struggle with the name Mongillo—it rhymes with willow and pillow. The ‘g’ is like giraffe, not gorilla. The name is Italian. If all else fails, Dr. M works fine! We look forward to meeting you!


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