What to Expect on Your First Visit

We know that your life is moving—your smile should keep up! You have a busy schedule and want some answers as soon as possible. We are excited to help streamline your appointments. Here’s how to start…

  1. Call 208-323-4458 to schedule. We’ll get you in as soon as possible. You could expedite your first visit by downloading the New Patient Form and emailing it completed to info@boise-orthodontics.com
  2. Come to your first visit.
    • Records: One of our assistants will take photos and x-rays, as necessary, so that Dr. Mongillo can correctly diagnose and prescribe the orthodontic treatment that is right for you.
    • Exam: We will discuss your goals and Dr. Mongillo will check your jaws, mouth, and teeth, and x-rays. Questions that he will answer at the exam include:
      • What are some ways to accomplish my aims (braces, Invisalign, retainer, etc)?
      • How long will it take?
      • When can we start?
    • Costs and Payments: Your initial exam is free! Jennie, our Financial Coordinator, will verify orthodontic insurance benefits, discuss the cost of orthodontic treatment, and help make an affordable payment plan.
  3. Starting treatment: After records and the exam, usually we reserve a spot for you on the schedule to come back and get braces on later. However, if time permits and you’re ready to get going right away we may be able to scan your teeth for Invisalign or even put some braces on! Just say the word!