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Another thing we only discovered recently that there is a Bürgertelefon that you can call and where you get very useful information. Sometimes they can also help you get an appointment at the Bürgeramt for you, though it might be not at the closest Bürgeramt to your place. Just call 115 (without any area code) and you should get somebody on the line quickly. Or book appointments online at the Bürgeramt here. cityName: Provide by verivoxDSLLocationInfo query. Type: String It´s an amazing multifaceted city that combines rich historical and cultural offerings with awesome attractions and one of the best bar and club scenes in the world. Berlin has become a city of opportunity for many a wide-eyed hopeful. A massively creative atmosphere, cheap rents and a burgeoning startup scene means that every year more and more internationals are making their way to the German capital. Wer sich heutzutage also ein Mobiltelefon zulegen möchte, der wird sich höchstwahrscheinlich nach einem Smartphone umsehen – und dabei schnell feststellen, dass die Auswahl an unterschiedlichen Modellen riesig ist. Theoretisch können viele Modelle nahezu das Gleiche, aber eben nicht gleich gut. Deshalb ist es hilfreich, sich bei der Suche nach einem passenden Handy mit den wichtigsten Merkmalen moderner Smartphones auseinanderzusetzen. Dazu gehören beispielweise das Betriebssystem, das Display, die Kamera, sowie die Akku- und Speicherleistung. Rates and offers are constantly changing.

Switching to a provider that matches your needs better can save you a lot of money. However, you should read your contract carefully to make sure that you do not get charged a lot for changing your plan. In order to receive your salary, you will need to have a bank account within the European Union. For other payments within Germany it may be advisable to even have a German bank account. As soon as you’ve registered your address and have your official, stamped piece of paper, it’s time to open a bank account. There are lots of different banks to choose from in Berlin, but the most popular tend to be Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and Sparkasse.