All Day, Every Day

Why see an orthodontist?

Orthodontists are dentists who have devoted an additional 2-3 years at an accredited university program and thousands of hours of specialized training where they learned to recognize proper and problematic growth and development of the head, face, and dentition as well as the physics of tooth movement. Orthodontists such as Dr. Mongillo, have the training, tools, and experience needed to identify problems and intervene when and with whichever modalities may maximize the chances for improvement of the situation to the fullest extent possible.

Are orthodontists more expensive?

NO! Contrary to many slick marketing campaigns by multi-billion dollar companies, we are not more expensive. In fact, in some cases your out-of-pocket cost can be up to 40% less expensive than the big clear aligner company out there that claims to be “60% less expensive than orthodontists.” At Boise Orthodontics our fees are smaller for smaller orthodontic problems (and shorter treatment times) AND we are in-network with most insurances which means GREATER SAVINGS for you. We do nothing but orthodontics all day, every day which means we benefit from economies of scale. Our systems are extremely efficient, and we are able to keep treatment fees lower at Boise Orthodontics because our costs are lower than elsewhere.

Isn’t it more convenient to go to one place for ALL my dental needs?

Boise Orthodontics is not a “one stop shop for all your dental needs” which has several benefits: 1. Scheduling and appointment efficiency. Our daily schedule is open to nothing but orthodontic care; 2. Because we only do orthodontics, we know what you’re in need of, we know how get it done, and we have all of the supplies and equipment needed to deliver that care in a timely manner so that you’re in and out the door quicker; 3. Insurance billing is very specialized—not only are we likely in-network with your insurance, but we know the ins-and-outs of billing for orthodontics which means you get to use more of your insurance benefits; 4. Your costs are lower because our costs are lower. Orthodontists benefit from economies of scale and those savings are passed to you; 5. We know other dental professionals will see our work—we must do exceptional work to ensure positive relationships with our referring dentists as well as our patients (we cannot just sweep things under the rug).

When should I / my child see an orthodontist?:

Orthodontists see the causes and effects of orthodontic problems daily and can make recommendations to help guide growth or intervene when necessary. Although there is never a bad time to bring your child in for an exam, the American Academy of Orthodontists recommends that children have their first orthodontic checkup at age 7 so they can be screened for any orthodontic problems that may need intervention later or at present.

At Boise Orthodontics, Dr. Mongillo believes in maximizing the benefit of orthodontic treatment in as little time as possible. He prefers to wait to do one round of orthodontic treatment until most of the permanent teeth are in. However, sometimes circumstances require intervention at an earlier age to prevent things from worsening or causing permanent damage to the teeth or gums. In these circumstances Dr. Mongillo tries to keep treatment short and sweet, (~6mo) intercepting the most urgent needs so your child can enjoy being a child again.

Your dentist may have suggested that you visit an orthodontist for a checkup. Maybe you’re a parent who wants to give your child the best chance for the future. Or, maybe you have some concerns about the way your teeth look or the way your bite feels. Whatever your situation, your initial exam is always quick, painless, and free—so give us a call.